KIRUKommunale Informationsverarbeitung Reutlingen-Ulm (German: Municipal Information Processing Reutlingen-Ulm; Germany)
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The Kirus System is comprised of a three core modules: Kirus Execution(TM), Kirus Analytics(TM) and Kirus Integration(TM).
The Kirus Execution module's principal component is Kirus Foundation(TM), a core platform featuring a powerful data model, a workflow engine, exception management, supplier management, advanced security and configurable business rules.
Kirus Analytics(TM) gives real-time data access of all RSCM operations providing enhanced visibility, valuable performance metrics and timely problem diagnostics across the entire global reverse supply chain.
The Kirus Integration(TM) module includes Kirus Messaging(TM) and Kirus APIs(TM).
Our focus at Kirus is on increasing inventory visibility and profitability while improving inefficient processes," said Ho Kim, President, Chairman and CEO of Kirus.
JGS has been running its service operations on the Kirus legacy system for four years.
Using the Kirus System will enable Jabil to effectively expand our operations globally," said Andy Hatch.
The Kirus System's functionality and flexibility are an exceptionally close match to the needs of our Logistics business," said Fred Rudloff, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of DecisionOne Corporation.
Rudloff added: "Operational process modifications are an ongoing requirement in the logistics services business and this application from Kirus allows quick and accurate changes to be made by in-house staff.