KIRUKommunale Informationsverarbeitung Reutlingen-Ulm (German: Municipal Information Processing Reutlingen-Ulm; Germany)
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Mr Kirundi claimed that after the expiry of the 10-year contract between the factory and KTDA on June 30, the board decided to take charge in running the affairs of the factory, a move that led to the hiring of new guards."The contract between Kiru Te Factory and KTDA lapsed on the night of June 30 after the agency failed to negotiate with the board for a review in accordance to the demands of the board and that's how the board decided to take charge," Mr Kirundi said.
During the two-week GNSS observation period the lack of solution exceeded 5 % of all observations only at KIRU for processing utilizing the IGS03 data stream (GPS-only strategy).
It was observed that 54.17% of the families interviewed in Kiru local government area are mainly farmers (crop and animal husbandry) while 62.5% are farmers in shanono L.G.A.
Kiru's previous bout with Samir in February resulted in a draw.
Kiru Karan, born in 1939, in Point Pedro in Sri Lanka currently holds British and German nationality.
The term wangiri is derived from combining the English word ''one,'' pronounced ''wan,'' and the Japanese word ''kiru,'' meaning ''to cut off.''
As the stage lights up, the ideogram for kiru (to cut) appears.
The leadership wrangles at Kiru Tea Factory persist even after the contentious expiry of a 10-year contract with KTDA on June 30.