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KISAKnight In Shining Armour
KISAKorea Information Security Agency
KISAKnowledge Intensive Service Activities (conference)
KISAKansai Information System Industry Association (Japan)
KISAKinetic Impact Shock Absorber (mountaineering/climbing)
KISAKAIST International Student Association
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Immigrant support group KISA has disputed the police version of events that led to the fatal shooting of an Egyptian man who took his 16-month-old son hostage and was threatening to kill him in Larnaca on May 21.
As far as Cyprus is concerned, the basis of the institutional prejudice and racism stems primarily from the migration model in place and which views migrants in the country as second-class citizens," KISA said in a statement.
The case concerned five migrants from India who were submitted "to a form of servitude" by their employers, KISA said.
A KISA spokesman state that as per the new index, companies are to be graded between B to AAA, and for those scoring high, the government was considering benefits like tax cuts.
KISA branded it as a "slavery vacancy" but said it fell under a 2014 collective agreement pushed by the labour ministry itself.
KISA states that the UK has the legal responsibility.
The well-known Rainbow Festival is the largest antiracist, multicultural event in Cyprus with songs, music and dances, traditional food from different countries, a bazaar, info stands, activities for children, and much more, KISA said.
People at Saturday's event largely blamed the West for being directly and indirectly involved in the Middle East and North Africa with KISA saying it wanted "to serve its own economic, political, and other interests and has played a major role in the refugee crisis of the past five years.
KISA suggested there was an effort to rule the death a suicide, something which the group disputed.
KISA claimed her employers had banned the woman from going out and had refused to allow compatriots to see her just a few hours before her death.
Regrettably, the current policy and practice of the specific authorities continues to apply, which may lead to new protests," KISA said.
Following his release, the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) issued a warrant for his detention and deportation saying he was " posing a threat to the general population " despite the fact that the offence for which he served time does not justify such a charactersation," KISA said.