KISBKorean International School of Bangkok, educational facility located in Bangkok, Thailand
KISBKorea International School in Beijing
KISBKyros International Sdn. Bhd. (Cakaran Corporation Berhad; Malaysia)
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The proof of this are the terms within that scheme, which are taken directly from the revealed sources, such as 'ilm, usul, ra'y, ijtihad, qiyas, fiqh, 'aql, qalb, idrak, wahm, tadabbur, fikr, nazar, hikmah, yaqin, wahy, tafsir, ta'wil, 'alam, kalam, nutq, zann, haqq, batil, sidq, kidhb, wujud, 'adam, dahr, samad, sarmad, azal, abad, khalq, khulq, firasah, fitrah, tabi'ah, ikhtiyar, kisb, khayr, sharr, halal, haram, wajib, mumkin, amr, iman and iradah.
The downward revision follows the increase in KIH's double leverage and the deterioration in the credit profile of its savings banking subsidiary, Korea Investment Savings Bank (KISB), as well as the further weakening of the unit's loan quality, Fitch explained.