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KISDI distributed the VCDs [made by KOMPAK] on the violence in Ambon.
KISDI warned the industry's output would fall 0.5 percent to 516 trillion won in 2020 and drop 0.8 percent to 513 trillion won in 2021.
While global companies like Netflix have focused on obtaining global platforms with market penetration and scale economies, Korean companies focus more on making connections to multiscreens and mobile devices (KISDI, 2013).
Kisdi, "Trade-off geometries and the adaptive dynamics of two co-evolving species," Evolutionary Ecology Research, vol.
In a similar vein, KISDI accused the Volunteer Team of defaming the nation and Islam ("Soal Perkosaan Massal.
[6] J.H., Hwang and S.W., Lee, "Contents regulation in converging era of broadcasting and communications," KISDI Issue Report, Korea Information Society Development Institute, pp.
Darul Islam, KISDI and so forth have never made a place for women in public life: it goes against their scripturalist version of Islam.
Individuals, such as Fuad Bawazir, are suspected of using the Komite Indonesia Untuk Solidaritas Dunia Islam [the Indonesian Committee for Solidarity with the Muslim World (KISDI)] and United Action Group of Indonesian Muslim Students (KAMMI) as vehicles to transfer large amounts of elite Indonesian money to small radical groups, such as Dwikarna's Laskar Jundullah.
KISDI (2004) predicted that WiBro subscription demand would reach a maximum of 9 million persons by 2011.
I should also point out that this issue will be released in time for the DigiWorld Summit * and its content will be further explored to some degree in the seminar being organised with the support of our little journal, but also of Citi, ITS, Kisdi and WIK.
If any faction can make a claim to be the DI movement's natural heir, then it is probably Abu Bakar Bashir's Majelis Mujaheddin Indonesia, established in Jogyakarta in 2000, and which is itself a large umbrella organization for some smaller radical groups, including the Islamic Youth Movement (GPI), the Defenders of Islam (EPI), the Indonesian Committee for Solidarity of the Islamic World (KISDI), the Anti-Zionist Movement (GAZA), the Indonesian Muslim Students Action Front (KAMMI), Laskar Jundullah, and the Laskar Mujaheddin.
According to a KISDI (Korea Information Strategy Development Institute) report (PARK et al., 2005), WiBro will be the dominant mobile internet service for laptop users, while HSDPA is expected to be implemented in small handheld devices in the near future.