KISDIKorea Information Society Development Institute
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Activists including Ahmad Sumargono of KISDI and the PBB and Eggy Sudjana of HMI-MPO (a faction of the Indonesian Muslim Students Association, HMI), channelled their energies via a hitherto obscure group called the FKAWJ (Sunni Communication Forum) set up one year earlier.
Organizations such as KISDI, DDII and FPI (Front for the Defence of Islam) have backed Laskar Jihad's activities with rallies, demonstrations, and endorsements in media publications.
39) In tapping into such sources of support, Laskar Jihad is drawing on the efforts of organizations such as DDII and KISDI, both of which have long cultivated followings on university campuses and in pesantren for their campaigns agains t pluralism and Western political values, such as liberal democracy and human rights.
This concern with human rights might be contrasted with the vigorous critique of the Western human rights doctrine by Laskar Jihad supporters KISDI.
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