KISRKuwait Institute for Scientific Research
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According to Kuwait news agency, Kuna , Kisr described the move as a "scientific breakthrough", explaining that scientists from water research centres associated withKisr managed to reduce the hydraulic pressure required for the desalination of seawater.
Developed by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), the Shagaya park was launched in 2012 and was originally expected to host 2 GW of capacity by 2030, across three phases.
The Kuwaiti team presented a paper on the effects of temperature inversion on radionuclides measured by the monitoring station at the main building of KISR.
A diesel-fueled C1000S microturbine will be installed in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration at the KISR headquarters to provide prime power, and later hot water, to a newly constructed water desalination plant.
"The three power projects include a thermal station with a capacity of 50 MW, photovoltaic solar station with capacity of 10 MW and the wind power station with a capacity of 10 MW, Director of the renewable energy program at KISR," Dr.
Following a fact-finding consultancy trip to Kuwait led by CCFRA director of food science, Martin Hall, and Brian McLean, who heads the department of chemistry and biochemistry, KISR officials visited the UK to examine facilities at CCFRA, the FSA, import control at Southampton Docks and integrated systems in Denmark and Holland.
Samira Omar, director general of KISR, marking the establishment of a joint committee for cooperation, to oversee the implementation of the provisions of the agreement, and to agree on future projects going forward.
Addrressing a symposium held by the American University of Kuwait (AUK) in cooperation with KISR, she said KISR is keen to collaborate with all scientific and energy institutions to optimize the use of renewable energy in Kuwait.
Dr Samira Ahmad Omar, director-general of KISR, told Kuwait News Agency that such robust funding aims to meet the growing energy consumption in the GCC states, estimated at three percent a year.
Furthermore, he expressed pride in the confidence KISR has placed in AGU and emphasized that the latter has in recent times established a number of research and clinical centres such as the Amira Jawhara centre for heredity sciences.
Local: KUWAIT -- The Kuwait National Seismic Network, affiliated with Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), said that the tremor, felt earlier in the country, was caused by a 5.9-magnitude earthquake, which occurred Western Iran.
In order to address the issues of water security, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has announced it was collaborating with all authorities dealing with water in the country.