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Her study (21) strengthens our case for deep and sustained historical relatedness among the Baatonu and the Yoruba cultures and peoples and renders implausible the argument for a 'Kisra legend [ol] a migration story shared by a number of political and ethnic groups in modern Nigeria, Benin, and Cameroon, primarily the Borgu kingdom and the people of the Benue River valley' as recently as the seventh century AD.
DHO Ghulam Murtaza Kisra said clinic of quack had been sealed.
By the light of the first, I saw the castles of Yemen; by the light of the second, I saw the castles of Syria; by the light of the third, I saw the white palace of Kisra at Mada 'in.
In those days al-Mansar was in Rumiyyat al-Mada'in, which Khusraw (kisra) had built, and it did not occur to Abu Muslim that it would be there that he would be murdered.
[20.] El-Tinay AH, Abdel-Gadir AM and ME Iiidai Sorghum ferments Kisra. J.Sci.
"The seized Grad rockets were ready for firing but were seized near the Taq Kisra, al-Mada'in area in northern Wassit," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
"I have spoken to the Sudanese people about the importance of returning to our local products; to corn, millet and to Kisra [Sudanese corn bread] and cooking it [at home]" he said.
Meanwhile, a bomb explosion in Kisra and Atash, eastern Baghdad, injured
Wombs also share qualities with the jars used for mixing kisra, the wafery staple of northern Sudan.