KISTIKorea Institute of Science and Technology Information
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KISTI has driven its Supercomputing Project for more than a year to develop a high-quality computing environment for customers in need of practical high-performance and large-scale computer-aided engineering (CAE) and science simulations.
a leader at the KISTI Supercomputing Applications Team.
KISTI is a leading national research institute in Korea.
To provide more reliable and secure high-bandwidth services for research partners accessing its international network, KISTI will leverage Cienas industry-leading 8700 Packetwave Platform, which provides high-capacity 10GbE to 100GbE Ethernet aggregation and switching over coherent DWDM applications.
KISTI is a leading national research institution in Korea providing science and technology services to the public, offering domestic and foreign bibliographic information resources, a supercomputing and high performance research network, and intelligent technical information management systems.
5, are provided by KISTI to users who have downloaded the EDISON open platform.
Sun xVM Ops Center is also providing KISTI with the ability to manage both its Linux and Solaris OS environments within a single unified solution.
With four Force10 TeraScale E1200s at the core of its supercomputer, KISTI is supporting 240 Ten Gigabit Ethernet ports to interconnect more than 3,000 nodes and provide scientists across the country with the computing resources they require to advance research on a diverse range of topics.
1] Department of Information Technology Research, KISTI 335 Gwahangno, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-806, South Korea [e-mail: spchoi@kisti.
Leveraging the high density and resiliency of the TeraScale E600 at the core of its network, KISTI is building the foundation for Korea's next generation information infrastructure.
Among its customers are leading online game portals Neowiz and Nexon, Korea's national supercomputing center KISTI, Hanaro Telecom and Korea's leading content delivery network provider CDNetworks.
With the assistance of great resources such as BIOSIS, KISTI will play a leading role in helping to build the infrastructure for our nation's knowledge and information.