KISTIKorea Institute of Science and Technology Information
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As a result, KISTI will be able to provide increased computing resources to academia and industry in Korea.
KISTI is planning to introduce a second supercomputing system by March 2009.
KISTI was established in 2001 and supports advanced research conducted at 173 institutes around Korea.
Sun's broad HPC portfolio provides customers like KISTI and OCBN a range of powerful solutions for building HPC clusters," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems.
With four Force10 TeraScale E1200s at the core of its supercomputer, KISTI is supporting 240 Ten Gigabit Ethernet ports to interconnect more than 3,000 nodes and provide scientists across the country with the computing resources they require to advance research on a diverse range of topics.
Additionally, the Force10 S2410 provides the high 10 Gigabit Ethernet density KISTI needs to interconnect servers in its visualization system.
With the purchase of BIOSIS Previews, KISTI has taken another step in achieving this important goal.
KISTI was founded through the merger of Korea Institute of Industry and Technology Information (KINITI) and Korea Research and Development Information Center (KORDIC) in January, 2001.
KISTI will leverage Ciena's industry-leading coherent optical technology to expand its network capacity to support enhanced collaboration across the nation on science and technology initiatives for the industrial, academic and corporate sectors.
KISTI is a leading national research institution in Korea providing science and technology services to the public, offering domestic and foreign bibliographic information resources, a supercomputing and high performance research network, and intelligent technical information management systems.
ETRI has chosen ONOS as its primary SDN operating system for development and, with KREONET and KISTI, is also exceeding the required engineering resources that it dedicates to development.
The combination of Visual Numerics' mathematical and statistical expertise with NEC's high-end computing power will help us quickly develop research applications for critical, data-intensive needs in fields such as computational chemistry and astrophysics," said Minsu Joh, head of the Supercomputing Application Technology Department, KISTI Supercomputing Center.