KISUKim Il-Sung University (est. 1946; Pyongyang, Korea)
KISUKnowledge and Information Services Unit
KISUKarrimor Instructor Survival Unit
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Hippolyte kill-PRFV-NON.FUT-3 Paul-ERG 'Paul killed Hippolyte.' (10) Kisu ek-lansa'-pa-l-i Pulu-ler.
However, university lecturers and those who voted for the law disagree with the KISU's stance.
(6.) The form kizo is attested in phonograms only once (Man' yoshu 2: 150), but kiso occurs only in Man' yoshu Book 14, which contains northeastern (Azuma) dialect songs: kisu occurs twice in Nihon shoki as a gloss on [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Whatever the original shape of the final syllable, it might perhaps be compared with Korean *ce 'night' (K ce-nyek 'id.', with nyek 'side').
His first hospital as a government Medical Superintendent was in the remote village of Kisu. When he arrived he found that the hospital doors, cupboards and sparsely-stocked drug stores were without locks.
Esta version despolitizada y "aseptica" de la salud entra en contradiccion con los resultados arrojados por varios estudios etnograficos llevados a cabo en comunidades mapuche que demuestran que los comuneros indigenas conciben la salud como un hecho social global, relacionado a lo que llaman la "buena vida" (kume mongen), la autodeterminacion y el autogobierno (kisu ngunewael) (Boccara 2002, 2004; Boccara et al.
Make three or four 1/4-inch slits across skin side of sea eel and on both sides of kisu. Dredge all vegetables and seafood in flour and pat off excess, then dredge all but shishito peppers in batter.
Let me throw some names at you, 23 to be precise: Hateel, Absaar, Stylish Senor, Pink Bells, Ijtihaad, Berillon, Tyrone Bridge, Silken Sailed, Argentum, Timeless Times, Lothian, Kisu Kali, Taj Victory, Kasayid, Family At War, Claret, Norwich, Bravefoot, Findon, Ambrose, Spode's Blue, Flying Diva, Alwathba.
After stuffing yourself with the superb tendons (tiger prawns, kisu, salmon, or kani and French beans over rice), isobe cheese, soba and udon, you'll be pleasantly surprised that your stomach is full and happy-but your wallet is not crying.
Its key business activity is the processing and export of several quality and high valued seafood products, such as Black Tiger Shrimps, Kisu (asohos) fillet, and frozen lobsters.