KISZKommunista Ifjúsági Szövetség (Hungarian: Communist Youth League)
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Understanding who the consumer is and why will they will drink Kisz Bier is a fundamental component to our long-term success."
During the recent visit, the Olshins discussed packaging Kisz Bier in kegs and 12-packs for the coming year.
Kisz is so small that Interbrew doesn't even bring it in through their U.S.
In recognition of the fact that the major role of the nationally disintegrating KISZ had always been to provide cultural opportunities within the party framework, and that it had long ceased to be a primarily political entity, a university club was dreamed up by a number of people who had previously been involved in similar activities.
However, the K in KISZ (Young Communist League) certainly does stand for Communist).
Both are former leaders of KISZ that sought to perpetuate itself by giving great educational and manipulative advantages to trusted students chosen for further leadership roles.
Substantial additional assets owned by his family are listed under the name of his present third wife, a fellow former KISZ functionary and the granddaughter of a long-serving late communist cabinet minister.
That was the time when he and some other quick, well connected leaders in the KISZ movement learned to milk the lucrative opportunities lurking in the economic and legal chaos of the emerging markets during the twilight of Soviet power.
Right now, the name is apt, because Kisz is a very small brand, although Meyer is working to change that.
"Kisz has all that, coming from a respected Czech brewery, but it's also fun, and represents a fun lifestyle.
Meyer Olshin of Kisz points to Manhattan Beer Distributors as crucial to Kisz's early success.
Olshin says Kisz is selling through 4,000 distribution points in the New York metro area, with an 85% reorder rate.