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KITABKulturell Identitet Tryggad Av Biblioteken (Swedish: Cultural Identity Security of Libraries; book)
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Founded by a private non-governmental organization Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), CLF has launched a mobile library 'Kitab Gari' set up in a rickshaw.
The plant will use the raw material base (limestone, loess rocks) in the Kitab district for the Portland cement production.
As the user base builds up for audio books in Arabic, the publishing industry and authors from within the region could provide more exclusive content for platforms like Kitab Sawti.
Sawa translates anecdotes on musicological and socio-cultural topics from Abu l-Faraj al-Isfahani's Kitab al-Aghani l-kabir (The Grand Book of Songs) with annotations and commentaries.
The text presented here, Kitab Sidrat al-muntahd (Book of the Ziziphus tree of the furthest boundary; the title is a Quranic reference), attributed to the great esoteric authority Ibn Wahshiyya, tells the story of the discovery of a table of Hermes, which offers a mythological introduction to alchemy and its principles.
Senior official of PAL told APP that publications at Kitab Ghar are being sold on special discounted rates while the publications of other leading publishers of the country are also available on discounted rates at the bookshop.
The Hikayat Panji consists of tales from the 13th century, which tell of the many adventures of Prince Panji, while the Kitab Ilmu Bedil is a traditional literary book written in the mid-19th century containing precious traditional knowledge on weaponry.
Under pilot phase of Har Hath Ek Kitab, 10,000+ books have been contributed for kids across India.
The Opening Ceremony of 8 Days Quami Kitab Mela would be held at University of Baluchistan Sariyab Road Quetta.
Dramatist and author Umera Ahmed is muscling up to set up what she calls the nation's first advanced stage for business essayists with a website titled Alif Kitab. The venture expects to give sprouting writers space to learn and share their talent.