KITECHKorea Institute of Industrial Technology
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Young Sun Ryuh, General Research Manager of KITECH.
We're very excited to be working with KITECH and their efforts to put ViPR into the hands of talented robotic developers throughout Korea.
KITECH will initially provide their robotics platform to a select group of 25 academic organizations which will include several universities and research firms.
Manex to Provide Consulting Solutions for Manufacturers Working with KITECH USA Technology Cooperation Center
The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence (Manex) announced a strategic alliance with Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) to deliver consulting solutions for enterprises working with the KITECH USA Technology Cooperation Center.
KITECH is focused on R&D for small- and medium-sized enterprises with a strong emphasis on application-oriented technologies and their commercialization.
However, the skills and capabilities developed in executing the KITECH order have positioned us to bid on many new scale-up opportunities with the appropriate profit margins.
KITECH is one of the most innovative and prestigious industrial research institutes in Asia.
Bruno, President & COO, stated "We believe that within KITECH there are and will continue to be significant scaleup opportunities for biotech processes using our Microfluidizer processor equipment.
Irwin Gruverman, CEO of MFIC Corporation stated, "The KITECH system will serve as a display of our capability to adapt our basic equipment design and function to the high level needs of a biopharma development plant.