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KITESKits in Teaching Elementary Science (Rhode Island)
KITESKansas Interpretive Traveling Exhibit Service (Topeka, KS)
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Now he is telling all his wisdom to the kites, but he told me everything before I broke his back.
He was dead, and the kites were coming for him already.
It was strange indeed what influence that weird kite seemed to exercise.
To the birds this was a very poor reason, but the older ones felt grateful to him at this time because he had nursed a number of fledglings through the German measles, and they offered to show him how birds fly a kite.
But the kite broke to pieces in the air, and he would have drowned in the Serpentine had he not caught hold of two indignant swans and made them carry him to the island.
Great were the rejoicings when Peter reached the home under the ground almost as soon as Wendy, who had been carried hither and thither by the kite.
It is my intention, therefore, to signify, that, as it is the nature of a kite to devour little birds, so is it the nature of such persons as Mrs Wilkins to insult and tyrannize over little people.
I was going away, when he directed my attention to the kite.
159,484 kites, 4890 string rolls, seven Suzuki pick ups, 15 motorcycles, two rickshaws, two sound system, mobile phones, a pistol, fireworks items and eight liquor bottles were recovered from the possession of the kite flyers.
According to sources, over 100,000 kites and thousands of kite flying string rolls including chemical have been stocked up in the stores and on the recommendations of old customers, the kite sellers are supplying kites and string rolls to new customers.
He said that 94 accused involved in kite flying or manufacturing were arrested, whereas 92 cases of kite-flying were registered in various police stations.
Besides a large number of kites, sound systems and several empty bullet casings were also seized, he said.