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KITLKernel Independent Transport Layer
KITLKnowledge Innovation and Technology Lab (University of Toronto; Canada)
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Bedell, "Analysis of hypomorphic KitlSl mutants suggests different requirements for KITL in proliferation and migration of mouse primordial germ cells," Biology of Reproduction, vol.
Moreover, the release of membrane-bound KitL, as an adhesion/survival-promoting molecule for stem cells, depends on IL-3 [34].
While the upregulation in LM8 cells was highest for matrix metallopeptidase 2 (Mmp2) gene transcripts (~7-fold), the most pronounced downregulation (~24-fold) was found for kit ligand (Kitl) gene transcripts.
Stimulation of VEGFR2 in bone marrow results in MMP-9 activation, which in turn cleaves membrane-bound KitL to generate the soluble KitL (SCF or steel factor) (Heissig et al.