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Kitt said he determined the collaborative project could work and expand once it is up and running.
Matthew Gertner, CEO of Salsita, explains: "Before Kitt, developers of popular extensions had no option but to reimplement their desktop extensions as native mobile apps.
Now we hear that the film beauty Zoe Saldana is rumored to be first pick to portray Kitt in a biopic chronicling the star's tumultuous life.
Heinz's Kitt Green factory produces more than one billion cans of food per year and around six million cans per day.
Knight Rider continues to be one of our most beloved retro properties and the KITT GPS Voice is proof that consumers can't get enough of it," said Calvin Lim, Director of Mobile Sales, Universal Partnerships & Licensing.
As the situation escalates, Michael and Kitt are left trying to save their friend Agent Rivai.
Michael and KITT have vanished, but their legacy has not been forgotten.
I was at the same concert at the Double Diamond Club in Caerphilly and Eartha Kitt had a rapturous welcome.
Eartha Kitt, the versatile American singer and actress who died Thursday at 81, mesmerized audiences worldwide for over six decades with her sultry voice and sensuality on stage and screen.
Eartha Kitt, the American singer and actress known for her "sex kitten" image and opposition to the US war in Vietnam, has died of colon cancer.
FAMOUS for her catlike purr and feline looks, Eartha Kitt revelled in every second of her role as America's leading sex kitten.