KIUCKauai Island Utility Cooperative
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As to the first question, KIUC has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations and is ahead of schedule on every financial metric.
That's a whopping 370 percent increase, and KIUC executives fear prices are showing no signs of slowing.
KIUC president and CEO David Bissell and REC Solar CEO Al Bucknam will participate in the ceremony, which will include public tours of the solar farm.
Pending the necessary local and state regulatory approvals, KIUC and SolarCity expect to commence construction in July 2013 and bring the project online in 2014.
KIUC has been closely monitoring the PV system through interval data and confirms the solar array has not exported power to the grid.
Our company's century-long commitment to generating renewable energy for Kaua'i's residents and businesses dates to the very origins of McBryde Sugar Company through the operation of our hydroelectric facilities at Kalaheo and Wainiha, which currently generate about 5 MW of electricity for KIUC," he explained.
The addition of the battery storage system (DPR[TM]) will allow KIUC to smooth the power output from PV projects by providing real and reactive power, compensating for sudden output fluctuations in a matter of microseconds.
In addition to lease payments to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL), the contract between the agency and KIUC calls for ownership of the solar array to transfer to DHHL after 25 years.
KIUC financed the project through the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp.
He was a member of the founding board of directors for the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative and was instrumental in the development and eventual funding of the KIUC.
When another 7 MW of PV plants on the island are factored in, KIUC estimates that it will meet nearly 30% of daytime electricity demand with utility-scale PV.