KIUCKauai Island Utility Cooperative
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KIUC president and CEO David Bissell and REC Solar CEO Al Bucknam will participate in the ceremony, which will include public tours of the solar farm.
Under the terms of the 20-year contract, KIUC will pay SolarCity a lower rate than the current cost of conventional generation and only slightly more than the cost of energy from KIUC's two existing 12 megawatt solar arrays, whose output is available only during the day.
As to the first question, KIUC has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations and is ahead of schedule on every financial metric.
KIUC has been closely monitoring the PV system through interval data and confirms the solar array has not exported power to the grid.
Pending the necessary local and state regulatory approvals, KIUC and SolarCity expect to commence construction in July 2013 and bring the project online in 2014.
For Hawaii, projects such as KIUC IV reduce the total cost of producing power.
The new Koloa plant would also be the biggest PV plant in Hawaii, and would be constructed on 27 hectares of former sugar cane fields that KIUC is leasing from Grove Farm Co.
We are pleased to provide this power to our partners at KIUC and its member owners, and thank them for allowing A&B to play a continuing role in helping Kaua'i meet its long-term renewable energy objectives, and to continue to deliver clean energy as we've done for over a century.
Our company's century-long commitment to generating renewable energy for Kaua'i's residents and businesses dates to the very origins of McBryde Sugar Company through the operation of our hydroelectric facilities at Kalaheo and Wainiha, which currently generate about 5 MW of electricity for KIUC," he explained.
New technology can ultimately result in our members saving money if we are able to better control our island's energy demand and be able to defer investing in baseload conventional generation," said Mike Yamane, KIUC Chief of Operations and lead engineer on the project.
KIUC is presented with a unique set of challenges in terms of grid stability," said John Cox, Senior Electrical Engineer and Project Manager at KIUC.
While KIUC's board of directors has officially committed the cooperative to being 50 percent renewable by 2023, David Bissell, the co-op's acting CEO says with the strong support of KIUC's directors in pursuing renewable initiatives, KIUC can achieve its objective sooner.