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KIVKonsequente Interessenvertretung (German: Consistent Advocacy; trade union; Austria)
KIVKeep In View
KIVKorea Internet Volunteers (South Korea)
KIVKeys to Innervision (New Jersey; Southwest Council, Inc.)
KIVKishinev, Moldova - Kishinev (Airport Code)
KIVKinder Idioten Vorstände (German: Children Idiot Boards)
KIVKnowledge and Information Visualisation (conference track)
KIVAlpha-Keto-Isovaleric Acid
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'I have made the KIV project with my own hands,' he further remarked.
They presented the items and gave them made-up words, such as "dax" or "kiv."
Son yillarda bu listeye once enterovirus, PIV tip 4, mimivirus, daha sonra sirasiyla 2001 yilinda "insan metapnomovirus" (hMPV), 2003 yilinda koronavirusler (SARS'dan sorumlu CoV, HCoV NL63 ve HKUT), 2005' de "human Bocavirus" (HBoV), parvovirus tip 4 ve 5, nihayet 2007'de de human polyomavirus KI (KIV) ve WU (WUV) gibi yeni etkenlerin eklendigi gorulmektedir (2).
KIV is an acronym for the Czech name of our department (Katedra Informatiky a Vypocetni techniky).
(1986) pertenecen a los cariotipos KIII y KIV (MA, 1981, DEFLER y BUENO, 2007), identificados como Aotus griseimembra.
Carpatair announced it will open a new base in Chisinau (KIV), Moldova and will operate three direct flights from the location beginning March 26, in a partnership with Moldavian Airlines.
The all-new Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KIV) 2012 incorporate the most advanced and effective protection technologies: a sandbox for launching suspicious applications, a program activity monitoring module, a script emulator, a cloud-based reputation database, a virtual keyboard plus many other features, a statement said.
Eight human polyomaviruses have been identified: BKV (13), JCV (14), KIV (15), WUV (16), MCPyV (17), human polyomavirus type 6 (HPyV6) and type 7 (HPyV7) (18), and TSV (9).
The delegation included chief executive Tobo Institute Vladimir Krecan, managing director Kiv Group Ivokreca, managing director IBE Company Wros Mikos and Dean of University of Slovenia Peter Novak.
IBE, Turbo Institute and KIV for indigenised development of alternate/renewable energy projects.
15:21: "For since byman came death, byman came also the resurrection of the dead" (KIV).
Each page presents both the NIV and KIV text toward the margins while providing the original Greek text, the Mounce translation, the GK numbers and the parsing information.