KIWKitagawa Iron Works (Japan)
KIWKatahdin Iron Works (historic site; Maine)
KIWKompetenzzentrum Instandhaltung Weinheim (German professional training company)
KIWKeenan Ivory Wayans (comedian)
KIWKootenay Innovative Wood (South Slocan, British Columbia, Canada)
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And pace man Mills spelt out the determination to salvage a tangible reward from a disappointing tour which saw the Kiw is lose the Test series 2-0 and be beaten in the Twenty20 international.
These people preserved an old myth about the birth of the first humans, "Kiw Kit" and "Kit Kiw," from a tooth of the Thunder God (kiw, 'tooth' <G>).
Acc con and rece Med of from D a su cou and sour Th lettu wate (kiw dark cabb "S Dr N peop eat l be sl "It you separ eat so that c ham of veg b tha "Soup is particularly good," says Dr Norris, who says that studies show people who eat soup before a meal eat less calories overall and tend to be slimmer.
Some peculiar terms of the Ga'ay are considered to be their ethnic markers, such as kiw, kewe: <G> / ipan, ipa',nyipan, jipan <K, B> ('tooth') (except for the Ga'ay-ized Merap, tongkow); segun, segu:n, seguen, seguyn <G> / hawa:n, hawa ', hawae <K, B> ('spouse'); lip, liep, seliep <G> / pida:ng, pindang, penetie, luda:ng <K, B> ('flower') (except for the Ga'ay Long Ba'un, da:'); or, ing, pteng, pte:ng <G> / ja:m, njam, ncae, tuto:, tutow <K, B> ('to know,' 'to be able to').