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KJEKranji Expressway (Singapore)
KJEKey Job Element
KJEKingdom Journey Enterprises (Woodbridge, VA)
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Effects of KJE on NO production in activated peritoneal macrophages: To determine the effects of KJE on viability of mouse peritoneal macrophages, we carried out 3-(4,5-dimethyiazol-2-yl)--2,5-dipheny C-tetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay.
Effects of KJE on rIFN-[gamma]-primed iNOS expression: Fig.
Inhibition of KJE-induced NO production by [N.sup.G]MMA: The production of nitrite by rIFN-[gamma] plus KJE in mouse peritoneal macrophages was progressively inhibited with increasing amount of NGMMA.
Inhibition of KJE-induced NO production by PDTC: As an approach to define the signaling mechanism of KJE on NO production, we examined the influence of NF-[kappa]B inhibitor, PDTC, in rIFN-[gamma] plus KJE (1 mg/ml)treated mouse peritoneal macrophages.
Effects of KJE on rIFN-[gamma]-induced TNF-[alpha] production: We examined the synergistic co-operative effects of KJE on rIFN-[gamma]-induced TNF-[alpha] production.
In this study, we demonstrated that KJE in combination with rIFN-[gamma] could stimulate NO production in mouse peritoneal macrophages.
Thus NO_production via iNOS activation by KJE indicates its various activities such as antimicrobial, antitumoural, and antiviral under specific conditions in vivo.
We found that the addition of NF-[kappa]B modulator, PDTC, inhibited the synergistic effect of KJE with rIFN-[gamma] on NO and TNF-[alpha] production.
The combination of IFN-[gamma] and KJE acted synergistically to upregulate NO production and iNOS activity.
We suggest that IFN-[gamma] priming KJE administration may be effective on cancer therapy.
In conclusion, our results demonstrate that KJE acts as an accelerator of peritoneal macrophage activation by rIFN-[gamma] via a process involving [sub.L]-arginine-dependent NO production, and it increased the production of TNF-[alpha] significantly via NF-[kappa]B activation.