KJGKatholische Junge Gemeinde (Germany)
KJGKorean Journal of Gastroenterology
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It is perhaps worth mentioning that Dr David Dewhirst informed one of the authors (KJG) of a photograph he had seen amongst Steavenson's possessions (taken by Steavenson) where Will Hay, the Rev.
Hay's surviving observing notes, kept by the RAS and studied by one of the authors (KJG), reveal that his use of the Cooke thinned out as the 2nd World War approached and the last observation with the refractor in Hay's observing log was made on 1942 May 1, where he merely recorded having observed Jupiter without further comment, in this, his last year of good health.
Observatory equipment list This is Will Hay's own list of his observatory equipment prior to 1934 May, transcribed directly from his observing log by KJG. The figures in mms against the eyepieces seem, perhaps, to relate to exit pupil size, principally with the 6" Cooke, as multiplying the number by the magnification results, in 5 cases, in a value between 152 and 156mm, i.e.
Vincent McNabb, director of Cardiff Gate Business Park, said, 'We are delighted that Kennedy James Griffiths has chosen to invest once again in Cardiff Gate and look forward to our continued relationship with KJG to build on the park's success with further developments onsite.
'In addition to KJG, energy consultants Utility Partnership, independent financial advisers Maskell Moss, communications agency Freshwater, Fostercare Associates and furniture manufacturer Inhaus International have all signed up to units and we expect to announce further deals shortly.'