KJNKwan Jang Nim
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As with earlier volumes in the KJN, the notes and supplementary material (including maps of Copenhagen, calendars, and concordance) are immensely helpful.
This is a merit of the KJN series as a whole, since Kierkegaard's notes and commentary can be rather difficult to follow; he was, after all, making notes for himself rather than composing a book for publication.
By contrast, the KJN series follows the new and authoritative Soren Kierkegaards Skrifter in order to provide the most thorough and accurate edition possible.
But for Kierkegaard scholars seeking research tools, the KJN series is set to become the new standard.
They have also included illustrations and engravings when Kierkegaard refers to a visual image; historical maps of Denmark, Copenhagen, and Berlin; calendars of the dates covered by the journals; and a concordance to correlate KJN with Heiberg's
Belege mit der gleichen Bedeutung zur ja-Ableitung: Lug 'juokseja riist 'leckendes Geschirr', KJn 'juuesja raav 'fliessender Graben', Rou rutto 'juueskja jogi 'schnell fliessender Fluss', Krl 'juuskja kruus 'irgendeine Rosenkrankheit', Krk 'juuskje sol'm 'nachrutschender Knoten' (EMS II 115).
Neben den Formen Krk, Trv, Hel, KJn, Urv ulcanDi, geminiert San ulcanDe gebraucht man auch Pst, Krk ulcantti.