KJSLKathy June Sheriff Library (Moorhead, MS)
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IRN does not label such phenomenon as "outrages," and I have never heard "commentary" from IRN on KJSL. The supposed June 22 "newscast" was actually a long-running promotional spot for the IRN show, "Unraveling the New World Order." It is true that show host Chuck Bates is also the executive vice president of IRN.
Angela Michael is the producer of KJSL's local-origination program, "Small Victories." She focuses almost entirely on the abortion issue.
KSIV (91.5 FM) ran promotions for Fox Radio News while KJSL's Sid Roth and talk show hosts advised that Fox is too liberal, although it's the best TV news alternative.
Clear Channel owns KATZ; Bott Broadcasting holds KSIV-AM & FM; The Covenant Network owns WRYT and Crawford Broadcasting is the owner of KJSL. But there are also some independent "mom and pop" stations here, and some of the nation's larger religious radio chains are not represented here.