KJVGKellogg Joint Venture Group (Australia)
KJVGKellogg Joint Venture-Gorgon (Australia)
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KJVG plans to utilize several fabrication yards across South East Asia & Australia to support the planned 250,000 tons of LNG modules.
KJVG, formed as a partnership between KBR E&C Australia Pty Ltd, JGC Corporation, Clough Projects Australia Pty Ltd and Hatch Associates Pty Ltd Group, completed the updated onshore facilities Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) and execution planning earlier this year.
We are committed to Chevron and the Gorgon Project and look forward to working closely with our Joint Venture Partners in KJVG and Chevron to ensure the successful execution of the Gorgon Project.
KJVG will be executing the work as an integrated team comprised of members from all of the joint venture partners.