KJWKnot Just Wood
KJWKwan Ju Works (Airsoft company)
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KJW: How do you see the law-and-order campaign linked to other changes in welfare policy and to how we treat the poor?
KJW: You note that scholars of criminal justice and welfare policy have not paid much attention to each other's work.
KJW: You argue that the meshing of workfare and prisonfare is part of the making of the neoliberal state.
AFH's 3rdXI are away at Northern and KJW's XI entertain Birchfield Park RL at Upton Road.
[17.] Bird K, Rosenfield AT, Taylor KJW. Ultrasonography in testicular torsion.
Jobling S, Coey S, Whitmore JG, Kime DE, Van Look KJW, McAllister BG, et al.