KKBKero Kero Bonito (band)
KKBKanya-Kanyang-Bayad (Filipino: Pay for Your Own Self)
KKBKnabenkantorei Basel (German: Basel Boys Choir)
KKBKing Kong Bundy (wrestling)
KKBKuala Kubu Bahru (Malaysian town)
KKBKartu Kompensasi BBM (Indonesian: Compensation Fuel Card)
KKBKomite Keamanan Bersama (Indonesian: Joint Security Committee; Indonesia)
KKBKoperasi Krama Bali (Indonesian: Krama Cooperative Bali; Krama indigenous group; Bali, Indonesia)
KKBKaren Kay Buckley (quilter)
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Halyk's ratings are unaffected by the planned merger, as its ratings were already based on the group's consolidated credit profile following the acquisition of KKB by Halyk in 3Q17 (see 'Fitch: No Rating Impact from Halyk's 3Q17 IFRS Accounts' dated 28 November 2017 at www.
KKB has also won a Purchase Order from LP Capital Construction Sdn Bhd (LPCC) to provide mild steel pipes and fittings for the Projek Bekalan Air Luar Bandar (BALB) in Serian, and another Purchase Order from MKM Wira (M) Sdn Bhd (MKM) to supply the mild steel concrete lined (MSCL) pipes and fittings.
Reorganisation of the insurance companies was approved at the joint meeting of the boards of directors of KKB and BTA on 27 November 2014.
In connection with the proposed transaction, Rakishev would become the General Partner of the Alnair private equity group and, as such, would effectively acquire control over voting and other rights of Alnair's shareholding in KKB.
Norma Sanita, who was crowned Miss KKB 2013, told 7DAYS: "I am happy I won the ticket, but it will go to my kababayan who want to leave and go back.
We believe the financials are in line with expectation and have a neutral impact for KKB.
The other strong contender is said to be Sarawak-based KKB Engineering.
The rating actions on KKB reflect Standard & Poor's belief that KKB will continue to benefit from state support, given its high systemic importance according to our classification.
Guncel veriler ve kilavuzlarda, ileri derecede sag kalp yetersizligi, hemodinamik kararsizligi veya farkli sebeplerle KKB tedavisi almasi dusunulmeyen/uygun olmayan hastalara PVT uygulanmasi onerilmemektedir (1, 2, 8).
Project edged BNW 5-4, AMEC beat NBAD 5-3, Boskalis outpointed Alora's Strikers 8-4, Sebastian beat Jolens 7-3, D'Lucky Strikes beat PSSP 8-3, FBC Alazira-Tuskers beat COH 7-4, D'One downed Alec KKB 7-3 and defending champion Arcstone Realty beat Pin Crashers 5-3.
Vendex KKB is a non-food retail trade company based in the Netherlands, with almost 1,800 outlets in seven EU Member States.
At the same time, Fitch has affirmed the ratings of the Russian subsidiaries of BCC and KKB.