KKCCKona Kohala Chamber of Commerce (Hawaii)
KKCCKodiak Kenai Cable Company (Kodiak, AK)
KKCCKings Knight Chess Club (New Jersey)
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The manuscripts described are mainly held in five institutions in West Java: Keraton Kecirebonan, Cirebon (KKCC), Keraton Kesepuhan, Cirebon (KKSC), Koleksi Pusat Penelitian Kebudayaan Universitas Padjadjaran (KPKU), Museum Negeri Propinsi Jawa Barat "Sri Baduga" (MNJBS), and Museum Pangeran Geusan Ulun Sumedang (MPGUS).
In Kyrie 14, which follows the pattern KCKK, repeat indications should have been added, following the common procedure in movements of this format, to the following effect: KI x 3, C x 3, KII x 2, KIII.(23) A similar problem afflicts the edition of Kyrie 12, whose structure follows the format KKCC. Here Kaye gives direct repeat signs for KI and CI while the paraphrased chant (from Roman Mass IX) and consequent polyphonic structure unambiguously dictate ABA formats for both sections in the pattern KI/KII/KI and CI/CII/CI; and while he rightly remarks that the final Kyrie section is missing in the two sources, his suggestion that the invocations of the first Kyrie could be repeated is wrong for the same reason: the chant for this section differs entirely from that for the first two.(24)