KKHKarakoram Highway (between Pakistan and China)
KKHKaufmännische Krankenkasse Halle (German)
KKHKandang Kerbau Hospital
KKHKinder-Krebs-Hilfe (German: Children's Cancer Research)
KKHKautsch Killarz Hamburg (German gaming clan)
KKHKenia Kinder Hilfe (German: Kenya Children's Aid)
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Traveling and transportation of goods through the KKH frequently go to suspension due to fears of flooding or land sliding.
GB Home Secretary Jawad Akram, Inspector General of Police Sabir Ahmed along with other police and intelligence officials visited Diamer district on Saturday to review security arrangements for bridges on the KKH.
The committee members asked elders not to block the KKH and hold talk with the district administration.
The two-lane relocated stretch will be constructed at a higher altitude with the design standard prescribed for KKH.
KKH improvement project was initiated in 2008 with one of the main objectives to enhance the beauty of the highway and to protect the valuable wildlife species in the area.
The story of the free school run by the KKH reveals the effects of the Indonesian state's forced assimilation policy towards people of Chinese origin.
People now anxiously await opening of routes including a tunnel and KKH or Shah Rah-e Raisham, which is the only lifeline for the poverty hit people of the area.
Some 200 Chinese workers and 810 Pakistanis lost their lives while building the KKH, mostly in landslides and falls.
When the titanium rib became available to KKH in the first week of August 2010, Alice joined two other children - a 14 month old girl and a two-year old boy - as the first ones in Southeast Asia to have the VEPTR device implanted.
From Gilgit to Hunza, which used to take not more than one and a half hour through the KKH, it took me four hours.
The collapsed mountain completely destroyed 2 km of the KKH.