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KKHHKuch Kuch Hota Hai (movie)
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Indeed, the campus in SOTY was almost an extension of what we saw in KKHH. " It is the school in my a school exists.
I'd dance to Bollywood songs in front of the mirror as a child and had my hair chopped like Kajol in KKHH .
Education, and Extension Service will let Glenn, Nelson, and KKHH develop additional Hawaiian ogo products such as sports gels, gourmet recipes, and healthcare products.
Rahul ('90s star Shah Rukh Khan) falls for Anjali (Kajol, also from the '90s), the feisty daughter of a provincial sweetmeat-shop owner, instead of the girl his dad favors for him, the glam Naina (Rani Mukherji, also from "KKHH").
-- 0.5 CHR KKHH, -- 0.5 Sports KILT-AM, -- 0.4 HotA/C KHMX.
-- 0.2; 3.6-3.4-3.4, a little less behind CBS CHR KKHH 0.8-0.6.
14 KRBE CHR Cumulus.-- 0.2; 3.6-3.6-3.4 cume drops to #3, falls behind CBS CHR KKHH by 0.8.
+ 0.2; 3.4-3.6-3.6, #2 cume, leads CBS CHR KKHH by 0.4.
CBS: Country KILTY/F 3.3-4.0-4.1, HotA/C KHMX 3.9-3.4-3.0, CHR KKHH 3.6-3.1-2.8.
CBS: Country KILT up 3.4-3.3-4.0, HotA/C 3.6-3.9-3.4, SpanishHits 3.5-3.7-3.4, CHR KKHH 4.1-3.6-3.1.
The CHR match now favors CMLS KBRE 3.9-4.0-4.0 over CBS KKHH 3.5-4.1-3.6; CBS HotA/C KHMX gains 3.3-3.6-3.9.
Univision's 4 station Spanish/Mexican cluster totals 6.0, CHR is a shoot-out between CBS KKHH 3.4-3.5-4.1 and CMLS KBRE 3.5 3.5-3.9-4.0.