KKISKeeping Kids in School
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Since receiving its charter in September 2012, Seaside Rotary has partnered with and supported several worthwhile organizations including KKiS - Keeping Kids in School, Casa Yoliguani, Cruz Roja (Red Cross), DIF Solidaridad, Christmas Dreams and Kicks4Kids.
(14) One is reminded here of a number of writers struggling to capture the history and experiences of other marginalized groups in Egypt: Edwar alKharrat's novels on the Coptic communities; kkis Ali's focus on the Nubians; Salwa Bakr's and Miral al-Tahawy's (among others) writings on women.
"It you look at kkis who struggle m mainstream schools, there are areas in their lives where they do not struggle, so this is about giving them the opportunity to pnrsue those intemtt."