KKKSKontraktor Kontrak Kerja Sama (Indonesian: contractors cooperation contract)
KKKSKininogen Kallikrein Kinin System
KKKSKoordinator Kegiatan Kesejahteraan Sosial (foundation for social projects in Batam, Indonesia)
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Currently East Java's gas requirement is around 872 mmscfd, and gas production from 9 KKKS in operation is only 457 mmscfd, that means a deficit of 415 mmscfd.
It is expected that gas deficit in East Java could be reduced to 75 mmscfd in 2014 with additional supply from for new KKKS.
The four KKKS are LNG Receiving Terminal in Lamongan of Energy World Corporation, Ltd from Australia to contribute 200 mmscfd to 300 mmscfd in 2014, Mobile Cepu Limited (MCL) to contribute 200 mmscfd in 2014, Kangean Energi Indonesia (KEI) to contribute 200 mmscfd and Petronas Field Bukit Tua in 2013.