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KKMKementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (Malay: Malaysia Ministry of Health)
KKMKyou Kara Maou (fanfiction)
KKMKreiskolbenmotor (German: Planetary Rotation Motor)
KKMKill, Kiss, Marry (game)
KKMKlub Kanalske Mladine (Slovenian: Channel Club Youth; festival)
KKMKatholische Korporationen München
KKMKoordinierungskreis Mosambik eV
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In jest, he said the percentage of KKM staff who are still smokers is the ministry's top secret and he had to accept the fact that there are employees who could not kick the smoking habit.
Speaking in an interview, KKM said his upcoming show was a platform for him to perform his music that mainly entails 24 songs, four of which were adopted from local artists while the rest were his original compositions and a few hymns.
Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Dec 31, ( ANI ): Four members of the Kabir Kala Manch (KKM) have written to Maharashtra government, seeking permission to visit Bhima Koregaon on January 1.
Moreover, in the last twenty-five years, we introduced several multimap classes in the frame of the KKM theory; namely, the acyclic multimap class, the admissible multimap class [U.sup.k.sub.c], the better admissible class B, and the KKM admissible classes KC, KD.
6) Incapital, KKM Financial Team on Distribution for Two Funds
However purchase of previously state-owned KKM for $180m at 19x EV/EBITDA raised investor concerns.
The acquisition price amounted to RUB5.5bn (USD168m) in cash for 77.8% of the voting shares (74.47% of share capital) of KKM.
The group bought a 74.47% stake, or 77.8% of the voting rights, in KKM. It satisfied the purchase price with RUB3bn of bond issue with three-year maturity plus RUB2.5bn of bank loans.
[constructive version of KKM Lemma] Let [DELTA] be an n-dimensional simplex, and [p.sub.0], [p.sub.1], ...,[p.sub.n] be vertices of [DELTA].
Kall Kwik Middlesbrough (KKM), which generates annual revenues of around pounds 3.5m, plans to launch its third decade by boosting turnover to more than pounds 5m within two years.
All dairies must abide by the Keten Kwaliteit Melk (KKM), or chain-quality milk program.