KKPKappa Kappa Psi
KKPKredit Ketahanan Pangan (Indonesian: food crop loans)
KKPKnight Kavanagh & Page (UK)
KKPKotkapura (town in Punjab, India)
KKPKirkop (postal locality, Malta)
KKPKorea Knowledge Portal (Seoul, South Korea)
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The fishery sector showed the highest growth because it is boosted by an increase in cultured fish production," he stated at the KKP office on Monday (May 18).
Interview with Kalmen Kaplansky, 12 June 1996; NAC, KKP, MG30, A 53, vol.
The purpose of KKP is to strengthen national food resilience and increase income of farmers including livestock farmers and fishermen through support in the form of investment credits and working capital credits with low interest rate.
Sag ventrikul cikis yoluna KKP elektrodu yerlestirilmesinin guvenilirligi ve etkinligi uzerine ilk kez Barin ve ark.
From June 24, KKP will also be asking the public to take part in an internet survey to find out how and when facilities are used and how they could be improved.
BRI has also reached an agreement with the finance ministry to extend Rp675 billion in KKP for farmers.
KKP is the parent company of three companies in the Prospect Group, namely: Prospect Asset Management, Inc.
B) Causing ECCS to overcharge the government by at least $439,000 ($500 per Raven), which funds were paid to a company known as KKP, which in turn paid all or most of the funds to DYNAMICS RESEARCH employees Paul Arguin, Victor Garber and others;
As previously announced, the Company placed a $2,000,000 convertible note and warrant to KKP in November of 2001.
Stern announced that CHUTCHAI GARY KHANIJAO, age 47, and his company, KKP CORPORATION ("KKP"), both of Nashua, New Hampshire, pled guilty late yesterday before U.