KKSKKarena Ku Sayang Kamu (song title)
KKSKKelompok Kajian Studi Kultural (Indonesian: Cultural Studies Research Group; Indonesia)
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The Malaysian Consortium (MC) as the preferred bidder, failed to meet all the conditions set by the KKSK.
According to the KKSK meeting attended by related ministers on Feb 14, the government decided to hand over the project to Jasa Marga.
KKSK, IBRA, the finance ministry and Bank Indonesia have issued conflicting regulations creating legal uncertainty for the business sector.
Now President Megawati Soekarnoputri has decided to set up a small team to study the decision of KKSK.
KKSK, however, did not want Marubeni to become the only creditor that have a greater say in determining the fate of the bank such as in demanding bankruptcy.
On June 9, 2000, KKSK sought to find a solution after the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between IBRA and Marubeni Corp.
However, on March 20, 2001, KKSK took over negotiations with Marubeni and agreed on April 11, to different restructuring package under which Marubeni was to convert US$ 100 million of its credit into shares and the remaining US$ 620 million were to be repaid in 15 years with an interest of 1.
6 million ("CAPC") ment with KKSK on * Marubeni - US$ 723.
Meanwhile, KKSK considers CAPC is vital and strategic with encouraging prospects.
Table - 9 Handling of property debtor's obligations by way of cash settlement mechanism in line with Decree of KKSK No.
IBRA and KKSK have taken step to restructure the debt of JORR project without first consulting with the House of Representatives.
KKSK has reported to the attorney general office debtors failed to repay their debts.