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KKTKazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan (trucking route)
KKTKappa Kappa Tau (gaming group)
KKTKarush-Kuhn-Tucker (Conditions)
KKTKoelner Kuenstler Theater (German: Cologne Artists Theater; Cologne, Germany)
KKTKhan Kinetic Treatment (spine restoration)
KKTKumamoto Kenmin Television (Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan)
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Using these derivatives, the KKT conditions for the welfare maximiser's operational problem, which is given by (8) and (9), are:
1) Finding property of optimal solution by Lagrangian method and KKT condition: Lagrangian function is usually constructed by adding all the constraints to the objective function to transform the constrained problem to unconstrained one.
This was the birth of KKT, or Khan Kinetic Treatment, which has since effectively treated thousands of cases of neck and back pain, spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, joint pain and headaches - using a very finely-developed form of vibratory sound waves.
Then the quasi-Newton method with backtracking technique (QNB) is applied to solve the KKT condition given by
The Mann-Whitney U test was used to compare [DELTA]KI between the KKT and KSS groups.
The vC-O bands in the 12001000 [cm.sup.-1] region are partially well resolved and partially defined only by slope changes of the lineshape, as confirmed observing the KKT spectrum.
E-cadherin gene loss-of-function mutation is well known phenomenon in lobular breast carcinoma and also seen in diffuse gastric carcinomas, both of which are implicated in KKT. It is tempting to generally hypothesize that E-cadherin gene is mutated in KKT regardless of the primary source but needs a larger contextual study to marshal unequivocal evidence in its favor.
From the definition of [rho](x,[lambda]), [rho] ([x.sup.*], [[lambda].sup.*]) = 0 if and only if ([x.sup.*], [[lambda].sup.*]) satisfies KKT conditions (8).
Local minimum points of the function L were obtained by the first partial derivatives of the function L with respect to the variables and equating to zero (KKT necessary conditions) (see [13, 14]).
In this paper, the KKT optimality conditions for the constrained fuzzy optimization problems in the quotient space of fuzzy numbers are derived.
If [parallel][[??].sub.k][parallel] = 0 and [parallel][c.sub.k][parallel] = 0, return [x.sub.k] as a KKT point.
The common Karush-Kuhn-Tucker (KKT) necessary conditions are introduced as follows: