KKTAKatolicki Klub Turystyki Aktywnej (Polish: Catholic Active Tourism Club)
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Tenders are invited for i) Eastern Railway Manning of Unmanned level Xing gates 80 Nos MLDT 08 Nos Gate No 2 E C PRDG MPLR 10 E C HPLE TKLE 12 E C TKLE SJJ 6 EC KKTA GIF 27 E C BHLE PJLE 28 EC BHLE PJLE 30 EC BHLE PJLE and 32 TC PJLE MDLE over Malda Division ii) Electrical work in connection with Improvement and equipping of refreshment room at Diesel Shed JMP iii) Electrical works in connection with Provision of 12 wide 2nd FOB at AHA station at MLDT Division