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KKVKath-Kirche-Vorarlberg (German: Catholic Church Vorarlberg; Vorarlberg, Austria)
KKVKinetic Kill Vehicle
KKVKokua Kalihi Valley (service organization; Hawaii)
KKVKing, Keohane and Verba (social science researchers)
KKVKuroda Kagaku Vietnam
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KKV has been investigating Arla's agreements with local retailer Coop Sverige AB since April, when together with its Danish counterpart, Konkurrencestyrelsen, it made a surprise visit at the Swedish-Danish cooperative's office in Stockholm.
Although China has demonstrated the ability to launch satellites into geostationary orbits using larger rockets, the techniques required to reach higher orbits would significantly alter the dynamics for an effective hit-to-kill KKV, making the current ASAT design unusable for such purposes.
The registration mark given to police by Mr Anderson, K764 KKV, matched a car parked at the time in Guildford, Surrey, and proved to be wrong.
Finnish-Swedish telecomms solutions provider TeliaSonera AB said on Tuesday (21 December) that the Swedish Competition Authority (Konkurrensverket, KKV) had announced that it was taking legal action against TeliaSonera Sweden (Telia) for violating the competition rules for the broadband market.
Stephen said: ``When mum rang to tell me of my win, I couldn't believe it -chuffed is not the word, and my mates were jealous!'' The new guitar, a BC Rich KKV worth pounds 300, has the pointed shape and case modelled on coffins usually favoured by performers with names like Kerry King and the Murder Dolls.
In fact, five sites were able to move two stages forward from their baseline (APHCV from Contemplation to Action; FHC from Preparation to Maintenance; KKV from Contemplation to Action; KPHC from Contemplation to Action; SCCHC from Contemplation to Action).
In addition to having a higher velocity and longer range, the job of intercepting and destroying an ICBM may require a different kinetic kill vehicle (KKV)--the cannister-shaped projectile that smashes into the missile warhead.
Boost-phase interceptors attempt to destroy their target while the ballistic missile is still in powered flight, using a KKV that homes in on and collides with the booster seconds before missile burnout.
He leased the VW Golf 1.6, registration X608 KKV, last November and, until February, made regular monthly payments.
The focus of this article is the role of scientific inference in the study of bureaucracy, in particular as it is defined by the ideas of King, Keohane, and Verba (hereafter KKV) in their seminal work (1994).
If political science is ready to be disciplined, King, Keohane and Verba's Designing Social Inquiry (KKV) can do that disciplining.
It's presented by Al-Mawred, a nonprofit supporting MENA artists through grants and capacity building, in partnership with KKV, an Oslo-based nonprofit aiming to encourage artists and widen the space for freedom of artistic expression.