KKWKernkraftwerk (German: Nuclear Plant)
KKWKombinationskraftwagen (German: vehicle, combination passenger car or truck)
KKWKennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District (Kennebunk, ME)
KKWKrajowa Komisja Wykonawcza (Polish: National Executive Committee)
KKWKeira Knightley Wavefront (fansite)
KKWKlein Kaliber Wehrsportgewehr (German: Small Caliber Defense Sporting Rifle)
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Regarding the KKW Beauty brand, a Danish makeup artist is suing the Kardashians for trademark infringement, claiming that KKW is confusingly similar to her own brand, KW, under which cosmetics, makeup, and skin care products are manufactured by licensee Kjaer Weis.
He's known for his brutally honest road tests of beauty trends such as brow wigs or the KKW Powder Contour and Highlight Kit.
For clarity, in Table 6 we present the results only for the variables of interest and for four parties that adequately illustrate the differences across the party space: PSL, UD, KKW and SOLID in comparison to SLD.
This sub-caliber objective was achieved by either having a conversion unit fitted to a standard 98k, or by using the Sportmodell 34 and the KKW rifles, which were actually made as .
amp;nbsp;Kim's KKW Beauty is popular for its ultralight beams and contour collection.
Her KKW Beauty launch sold out all 300,000 kits within three hours, bringing in an estimated $14.
Kim Kardashian, for example, ignited the internet with her launch in June of KKW Beauty.
Einige Lander haben auch Zwischenlager abseits der KKW-Standorte errichtet, um die HLW aus mehreren KKW an zentraler Stelle zu verwah ren.
While fans of the KKW Beauty CEO are still waiting for Chicago's first picture, Kardashian treated them with her favorite products and brands for her kids.
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West is being sued by Danish make-up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis over her KKW Beauty line.
Meanwhile, Kim's KKW Beauty is known for its ultralight beams and contour collections.