KLAVAKuala Lumpur Amateur Volleyball Association (Malaysia)
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En lo sucesivo, todos los materiales relacionados con el caso GNOMO, asi como el personal relacionado con el caso, lo mismo que todo lo relacionado con KLAVA [Caridad Mercader], AMOR [Margarita Nelken] y KUKI [.
According to Dunn, Beaudry, and Klavas (1989): "When permitted to learn difficult academic information or skills through their identified preferences, children tend to achieve statistically higher test and attitude scores than when instruction is dissonant with their preferences" (p.
Rita Dunn and Angela Klavas developed a software package to analyze each individual's preferred learning style based on the PEPS computerized profiles.
Many professional journals have reported statistically higher scores on standardized achievement and attitude tests as a result of learning style teaching with underachieving and special education students (Dunn, Bruno, Sklar, Zenhausern, and Beaudry 1990; Dunn, Griggs, Olson, Gorman, and Beasley 1995; Klavas 1993; Lemmon 1985; Perrin 1990; Quinn 1993).
Homework prescriptions Dunn and Klavas (1992) developed a computer-generated series of guidelines responsive to each possible variation of an individual's learning-style preference for each of the 21 elements of the Dunn and Dunn Leaning-Style Model (1992, 1993).