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KLAXLos Angeles International Airport (ICAO Code)
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On February 1, 1991 at KLAX, a SkyWest Metroliner was instructed to hold in position for an intersection takeoff on Runway 24L.
Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) and four other airports (KONT, KSAN, KTOA and KSNA) have two options due to winds that affect the traffic flows and runways in use.
Instantly, sirens wail, klaxons klax, and Dilbert flees like a scalded dog.
Meanwhile, SBS had started its Los Angeles growth plan with the December 1987 purchase of KSKQ-FM 97.9, which is today KLAX "La Raza." The cost was $15 million, and allowed SBS to give up the former KSKQ-AM 1540, which it acquired in 1984.
This code applies to you if you fly VFR in the immediate vicinity of KLAX and to VFR gliders not in contact with ATC (a fairly new assignment):
If the likes of Klax, Smash TV, Rampage and Toobin brings a tear of nostalgia, then this is the disc for you.
While in our Saab commuter taxing for takeoff at Los Angeles (KLAX), we saw a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 in position on Runway 24L and a Virgin Airbus A340 on short final for 24R.
The important difference is that the older chart shows lower minimums (DA 370 feet and visibility of 3/4 miles) when using the KLAX altimeter than when using the local altimeter (DA 381 feet and visibility of 3/4 miles).
In response to the lawsuit, GRC in April 2016said SBS failed to prove KXOS management raided KLAX staff.
Los Angeles International (KLAX) has four exactly parallel runways wherein two runways are named 10 degrees from the other two.