KLBDKashrut of the London Beth Din (Kosher food certification)
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Christian Artaria, Marketing Director and Head of Functional Food Development, commented: "The positive conclusion of this new certification procedure conducted by the International Kosher agency KLBD is a further step in completing the Indena certification plan, which involved all our production sites.
Russell Brown, KLBD Commercial Consultant, commented: "It is very gratifying to increase our kosher certification business with Indena, certifying more of their leading ingredients.
Russell Brown, KLBD Commercial Consultant, commented: "KLBD, as the largest kosher agency in Europe, is very pleased to have kosher certified Indena's grape seed extracts.
Christian Artaria, Marketing Director & Head of Functional Food Development for Indena said: "We were delighted to go through the auditing process because KLBD is recognised by our customers as an international kosher agency.