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KLDKullback-Leibler Distance
KLDKongres Liberalno Demokratyczny (Polish: Liberal Democratic Congress)
KLDKëshilli I Lartë I Drejtësisë (Albanian: High Council of Justice)
KLDKullback-Leibler Divergence
KLDKilolitres per Day (measurement)
KLDKinder, Lydenberg, Domini and Co., Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
KLDKing Lincoln District (Columbus, OH)
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Targeting manufacturers based in India and China, the program enables selected companies to test KLD Energy Technologies' patented, high-frequency, high torque-at-low RPM, transmissionless motor system to ensure it meets key design specifications.
The $30 million iShares KLD 400 Social Index Fund (DSI) launched a few months ago.
For the 2006 analysis, KLD conducted an independent review of the public websites of all S&P 100 companies to assess their disclosure of environmental, social and governance policies and performance.
According to UQM, the index was created by independent investment research and index provider KLD Research & Analytics, Inc.
KLD concluded that it had to remove the company from the DSI 400.
We're gratified that the Edison Awards recognizes our system as an important technological leap," said Christian Okonsky, founder and chief executive officer of KLD.
The potential benefits of electric are evident to everyone, and what KLD has developed allows manufacturers and their customers to take advantage of those benefits.
He said that KLD expects to use funds from the debt offering for further, multi-industry development of the company's high-performance electric motor system; research and introduction of new products; and global expansion.
Both KLD and Vmoto are demonstrating their leadership in electric motorbikes this week at the 69th Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) international motorcycle exhibition in Milan.
Project name : Construction of 40 KLD Wastewater Treatment Plant with 5 years Operation 6 Maintenance on DBO basis at Khyber Pass Drain, Delhi
The first application of KLD Energy Technologies' electric generation and propulsion system is in the two-wheel electric vehicle market where Bautista's professional experience is unparalleled.
Our conclusion is that the KLD system is a high-performing, advanced technological design with no comparison, especially in the electric motorcycle category.