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KLECKentucky Legislative Ethics Commission
KLECKentucky Law Enforcement Council (Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training)
KLECKorean Language Education Clearinghouse (est. 2003; School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics; Monash University; Victoria, Australia)
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Corey and Jay's move from KLEC to KDJE in March 2003 appeared to hurt KLEC even more than it helped The Edge.
As of March 5, 2003, they, of course, were hired by The Edge, where Gordon Heiges, formerly of KLEC, was involved in Clear Channel's radio markets.
For morning drive, the Arbitron Winter 2004 ratings show KLEC with just a 0.
of Little Rock in 2002 to buy the KLEC and KHTE-FM, 96.
KLEC plays alternative/modern rock, and KHTE broadcasts a new "rhythmic" format, playing upbeat pop, dance and rap hits.
3 in :he morning slot for the full winter period, while KLEC was at 3.
KLEC and KHTE each have formats unique to Little Rock market.
According to Arbitron's spring rating book, KLEC had a 4.