KLEOKompetencer Ledelse Evaluering Og
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But attorneys and advocates who sided with the plaintiff, Kleo Kyriazi, read the episode much more conspiratorially.
Luca Cumani, trainer of Kleo and Pleasant Valley We hope Kleo's Salisbury run was too bad to be true.
When utilizing this fire safety training program, you are taking a significant step to ensure that people with disabilities and all stakeholders are aware of the important features found in buildings designed and built in conformance with widely adopted codes and standards developed to protect people with disabilities in the event of an emergency," said Kleo King, senior vice president of Accessibility Services at United Spinal Association.
This is a very exciting project for us as it integrates experts from multiple AMEC offices across North America, showcasing our combined strength and expertise," said Kleo Taliadouros, project director and client manager from AMEC's Westford, Mass.
The first stasimon (432-86) of the play invites comparison of Orestes to Achilles and Perseus--heroic figures who have successfully achieved martial kleos (renown) or completed the sort of defining endeavor that Orestes has only just undertaken.
With over 30 names being introduced in the UAE at The Farmer's Garden store, customers can enjoy brands such as Kleos, which provides superior extra-virgin olive oil from centennial trees located all over Greece; Baronia artisan Italian sauce and pasta made with 100% Italian wheat; and cheese from Indulac, a Portuguese company.
Featured organizations include Kleos Health , Waseel , Healthcare Paradigm , and Umm Al-Qura University.
Many of those highlighted in This Town seek not kleos but capital gains--social status without social consciousness.
Across Europe, a rapidly increasing number of professionals in law firms are reaching new levels of productivity with the cloud-based Kleos solution from Wolters Kluwer, now available on the iPad.
35) The word play in which the sisters engage, twisting the alliterative terms kleos (fame) and kalos (good or beautiful) to opposite effects, leads to a bleak sense that there are no stable boundaries, no stable meanings, any longer.
To put a fine point on it, "Wakefield" is a story of nostos without kleos.
Thus kudos and kleos are translated not as 'glory' or 'fame' but as 'praise' or 'praises' (p.