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KLHKeyhole Limpet Hemocyanin
KLHKementerian Lingkungan Hidup (Indonesian: Institutional Ministry of Environment; Indonesia)
KLHKantor Lingkungan Hidup (Indonesia Office of Environment)
KLHKnight of the Legion of Honour
KLHKorea Light Helicopter
KLHKloss, Lowe and Hoffman (audio equipment brand)
KLHKa Lahui Hawaii
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Therefore, from a plot of 1/r0 versus 1/C0 for AO7, the related parameters kr and KLH can be obtained from the respective slope and intercept values (Eq.
Neovacs has secured funding to move forward on the manufacturing facility and now this joint venture provides access to scalable capacity of KLH which is a key component of our Kinoid technology.
It is theorized that lobster blood hemocyanin, with a molecular weight of 75 kDa per hexameric subunit, can be substituted for KLH in immunoassay development and antibody production, yielding more sensitive diagnostic tests that produce consistent and accurate results using current laboratory protocols.
The immunogen for 14H04 was tacrolimus linked to KLH via C22, and the immunogen for 1E2 was linked to KLH via C32.
On day 7 pigs were immunized against KLH and ovalbumin.
The methotrexate-only patients received the tetanus toxoid-adsorbed vaccine on day 1, the PPV23 at week 4, and KLH at weeks 8 and 9, whereas the rituximab group received the same vaccines in the same intervals beginning at week 24, Dr.
The KLH paper explores the impact of the dual income tax regime in China and discusses the likely impact of the new policy of tax unification.
Specimens and seasonal information of the new species were obtained by KLH.
En consecuencia, se selecciono el metodo de conjugacion mediante EDC (Grabareck y Gergely, 1990) para unir la ocratoxina a BSA, KLH Y HRP.
Mice were given an intraperitoneal injection of 40 [micro]g peptide-KLH or unconjugated KLH in complete Freund's adjuvant (emulsified 1:1 with antigen in PBS).
Situated just a few miles south of the famous seaside resort of Southport, the Southport Business Park, developed by Blythe Developments, is already home to Barnetts Solicitors, MCL Experian, United Automation and KLH Electronics, to name just a few.
The last factory in town--a Cadillac parts manufacturer called KLH Industries--left for Mexico in 1999, taking 600 jobs with it.