KLKKe Lo Ke (que lo qué; Dominican greeting)
KLKKeegan, Linscott & Kenon, PC (Tucson, AZ)
KLKKuala Lumpur Kepong (Malaysian company)
KLKKommando Luftbeweglicke Kräfte (Air Mobile Force Command, FRG)
KLKKeith L. Killough (consulting; Los Angeles, CA)
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Les deux promoteurs qui ont lance le projet, Chaimaa Prestige et KLK Khayatey Living [beaucoup moins que]voulaient offrir une chance aux architectes de moins de 40 ans[beaucoup plus grand que].
We used a monoclonal--monoclonal ELISA configuration for the immunodetection of KLKs 6 and 10 (8), and for standard Western analysis we used the same antibody clones for KLK6 (26 kDa) and 10 (30 kDa) with [beta]-actin (41 kDa) as a control (Abcam).
Interestingly, an aqueous extract of KLK (sKLK) was able to induce the adipocyte differentiation of fibroblast cell lines.
The KLK chair sells for $2,290 plus a $190 crating charge, and is being bought all over the country by county jails, as well as state prisons, the U.
The KLK chair sells for $2,290, plus a $190 crating charge.
82 per share, compared with the KLK offer of GBP 7.
The archetypical member of the KLK gene family is the KLK3 gene, which encodes the most widely recognized marker in urologic oncology, prostate-specific antigen (also known as KLK3).
KLK currently bears AA2 and P1 ratings on its MYR500m (USD156.
AaAa Rachid Khayatey, CEO of KLK Immobilier and vice-president of the NationalAa Real Estate Developers Federation (FNPI), said "In the Casablanca-Rabat market,Aa there has been a slight decrease in activity, down 10-15%, but in Marrakech theAa slowdown in new sales is more drastic".
93MT/ha, stacking KLK favourably against large regional peers; this is expected to remain so in view of the Group's strong plantation management.
KL-Kepong will use an intercompany loan provided by KLK from its existing cash resources to finance the transaction.
KLK coexpression has also been confirmed in some biological fluids, suggesting potential KLK involvement in proteolytic cascades (3).