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KLOCKullback-Leibler Optimal Covariance
KLOCThousand Lines of Code
KLOCKilo of Lines of Code (software metric)
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They found that 60% of the researches used SUT's less than 10 KLOC, while on the other hand 70% of the studies have benefited from test suites with less than a 1000 test cases.
In household goods the company's portfolio includes KLOC, Roche-do and Maxicocina, [TEXT INCOMPLETE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE.
In another refactoring experiment, Bourquin and Kellen [40] note that code size reduced by ten percent but only after seven months of refactoring, though this involved a much larger code base (140 KLOC of Java) but the team size is not specified.
Healthtex has also effectively and efficiently supplied retailers with a successful housewares KLOC brand program implementing such essential Hispanic products as tamaleras, calderos, espresso coffee makers, tostoneras, tortilla makers and much, much more.
With the trend of increasing application size, an RTS technique should scale to very large programs having code sizes of the order of millions of KLOC.