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KLOUBowman Field Airport (Airport Code; Louisville, Ky)
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David Craig lost mornings at KLOU in favor of Smash.
The Smash Man left to take over mornings at KLOU (103.
KLOU has dropped all references to "oldies," a term which management feels has negative connotations for the younger demographics.
KLOU is now playing several songs back-to-back with nothing in between.
Tori Lyons of Clear Channel's Total Traffic Network currently does news headlines on KLOU and also has a great rapport with Smash.
But when some stations tried to expand their playlists into the '70s and '80s, as KLOU did with the failed "Superhits" format a few years ago, the numbers often tank.
Louis for at least 25 years as far as I remember, is being reunited with former KLOU Program Director "Big AI" Brock in Nashville.
1) and KLOU, heads up the radio station at Lindenwood University.
Despite being hampered by low-rated, football-related talk on the weeknights, KLOU (103.
Austin will now be in charge of oldies KLOU, country KSD (93.