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KLPKey Leadership Position
KLPKey Lime Pie
KLPKlaipeda (Lithuanian city)
KLPKorean Language Program
KLPKommunal Landspensjonkasse (Norwegian life insurance company)
KLPKoniasch Latin Press
KLPKiller Little People (gaming clan)
KLPKing Library Press
KLPKropotkin's Lighthouse Publications
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Since then the need for more high-quality warehousing units has encouraged us to start building Phase 2 of KLP.
KLP sustenta su decision en las Regulaciones de La Haya, la cuarta convencion de Ginebra y diversas decisiones de la ONU.
KLP said that the two firms constitute 'an unacceptable risk of violating fundamental ethical norms.
In response, head of responsible investment at KLP, Jeanett Bergan stated that "From the perspective of international law, an assessment of this case has proved more difficult than similar assessments with respect to Western Sahara.
Once all phases are completed, KLP will strengthen Kizad's position as a major regional logistics and warehousing centre, supporting the already thriving Khalifa Port.
A significant consideration prior to implementing KLP Boards is determining the size of the KLP qualified pool--to remain elite, the pool cannot be too large.
The Kepco series KLP power supplies are 1,200W switch-mode designs that use recalculating power limits to create a hyperbolic power limited region between the horizontal voltage-stabilized locus and the vertical current-stabilized output locus.
For example: the single model KLP 75-33-1200 operates as a 0-75V/16A power supply or a 0-36V/33A power supply and all 1200W volt-ampere combinations in between.
Jamie Putnam joins as deputy creative director from his former role as head of copy at KLP Euro RSG.
John McLaren, senior account manager of KLP Euro RSCG, said: "The spirited selection of tracks is to reflect the Hooch consumer's lifestyle.
Sales rocketed when Moscow-based KLP Soft Drinks followed in the footsteps of the Scots by using off-beat advertising to promote Irn-Bru.
Paul, who's 32, and from Glasgow, is a director and managing partner of marketing giant KLP, the world's fifth largest PR firm.