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KMCIKnowledge Management Consortium International
KMCIKeiller Mackay Collegiate Institute (Canada)
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He is the author of Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management," KMCI Press/Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002.
And I'll outline a framework, developed by Mark McElroy and myself at the KMCI Research Center (kmci.
From the KMCI point of view, knowledge is an encoded, tested, evaluated and still surviving structure of information that helps the adaptive system (agent) that developed it to adapt.
In the KMCI view, such a problem initiates knowledge processing, specifically a new knowledge production process.
Our significant list marks our continued alliance with KMCI Press, and numerous new titles in change management and human resource management.
Reilly Technologies, JDH Technologies, damango, KMCI, LLC, and Tradeworx.
org)--Founded in 1997, KMCI views knowledge management from the organizational perspective, with the goal of providing practical applications of KM.
Bontis is also Academic Advisor for the Intellectual Capital Division of KMCI (Knowledge Management Consortium International) and on the Advisory Board of Hiresystems.