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KMIDKey Material Identifier
KMIDKey Management Identification
KMIDKey Material Identification Number
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Through dialogue with the 2d MI BN and 66th MIB(T), KMID determined the survey needed to focus on the most at-risk units.
KMID's proposition was to take a holistic look at the unit, assess the vulnerabilities, and develop a strategy with KMID to improve awareness.
CI Agents were surged to KMID in order to conduct the operation.
KMID approached the survey along three lines of effort (LOEs) gauging the personnel, physical, and digital make-up of a unit.
In order to maximize lead development and holistically view all the units' vulnerabilities, KMID determined that the survey must include how, and where, the units work.
KMID used an analyst to research the unit on the internet and collect as much information about the surveyed unit as possible.