KMNPKayan Mentarang National Park (Indonesia)
KMNPKeystone-Monon Neighborhood Partnership (Indianapolis, IN)
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Jalong's and my study of the culture, language, and history of the Ngorek, undertaken while these Dayaks were still living in the area now covered by the KMNP and available to give first-hand testimony (Baler is mentioned in the references, but the content is nowhere adduced).
Nonetheless, thanks to its clear layout, maps, and wealth of photographic material, it quickly acquaints the reader with the origins and development of the KMNP, its abundant flora and fauna, and, not least, the remaining evidence of the stone and earth constructions of vanished cultures.
Since the KMNP includes a range of ethnic groups, coverage is inevitably patchy, and most of the articles focus on the Kenyah people in the southern end of the Park.